After one year in a company most people start thinking about a career path to take on in the next maybe 4 years or so. But in this company things are different. During my year, I have been given the chance to grow both personally and professionally numerous times. I entered as an intern in a position that I knew very little about, but I was assigned to several projects that have helped me grow my competences and my personal skills; after 7 months I was given the possibility to take part to the Indesit Graduate Program that then led me to be part of an even bigger community made of people from Indesit and Whirlpool; and only a few days ago, I was presented with the opportunity of the Fast Track Management Program and I took it!! Let’s be honest: what Company believes in you and gives you these many chances of growth in such a short time? As an Indesit heritage with Whirlpool Corporation now I really feel like my path has just started and that the possibilities in front of me are innumerable. My willingness to work hard, learn, grow and take on challenges is rewarded day by day! Getting bored is not an option!