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Whirlpool Corporation

Whirlpool Corporation is the world’s leading global manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances.

Whirlpool EMEA

Whirlpool Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Whirlpool Corporation.

STELLA, Plant Director

The production of the first Indesit chest freezer in our Siena plant started in March 2015. A cross-functional team started to work on this project which involved designing and updating all the necessary technologies to build the requested new products on time. Thanks to the great teamwork across all the departments and the factory involved, and also thanks to the collaborative support of our Indesit colleagues, the production started successfully and is on going. This is exactly what "PLAN TO WIN" and "ONE WHIRLPOOL" looks like to me.

ZANE, Trade Marketing Manager

It is said that the one desiring to succeed seeks opportunities instead of excuses.

In Italian Market there could be hundreds of excuses starting from mature market conditions and tough competition followed by demanding trade partners requests, commercial uncertainties and many others.

However for us “no” is not an option.

For instance normally growing Market Share together with Price Index is impossible. In Italian National Sales Organization “impossible” has been exactly what we have made reality. Now we are among the leaders in built-in retail.

Finding opportunities is what every single one of us does every single day. Continuous search for new solutions, fast reaction and swift execution are fundamental. Spirit of winning, passion and very strong commitment of the whole team are key to success.

At the end of the day few things equal the satisfaction of winning a hard match.

GUILLAUME, Finance Manager

During the entire year of 2014, I was appointed Finance controller for a part of our UK based operations. The office, in greater London, was already going through a change of mindset so as to fend off the post-crisis challenges that still haunt the European markets. Together with the team, we immediately faced a wave of difficulties: decreasing sales, tough competition and old mistakes. I was very proud to see that, through the focused work of the entire team on location, we got back to our committed result in a matter of a few months and managed to over deliver the targets we had set by the end of the year.

NOVELLA, Senior Brand Manager

Despite the fact I joined the Company only few months ago, coming from a different Industry and a different work environment, I already feel I’m fully part of Whirlpool, giving my contribute to the growth of the Company and being fully accountable of my business. Moments that matter for me at work are when I have the chance to add value to projects and at the same time I can grow and learn new things, while valuing a lot the experiences and point of views of people working with me. I can give my perspective which is driven by having “fresh mind” and at the same time I feel free to have a genuine and constructive conversation with my collegues based on their solid experience in the Company driving at the end a winning combination of perspectives!

ANDREA, Indirect Procurement Director

I feel energized by team’s engagement and commitment to deliver break-through and long lasting results for the company. It all starts with the right level of challenge above and beyond what we already know and do. It ends with a sense of accomplishment, which furthers our ambition to create more and more value.

SERHAN, Senior Industrial Engineer

Serhan's interview is coming soon! Stay tuned!

NATHALIE, Brand Specialist

We work together! At Whirlpool, I have experienced more than just being part of a ‘team’, but being part of a team where teamwork, and respect are lived values of everyday working life. “Do you need help?”, “Do you have any suggestion?” “Sure, I am here!” are magic words. It’s because of this team spirit, for example, that a colleague explained to me all of the features of an entire product range, just to help me with an upcoming speech. Raising your hand and asking for help is the best way to finish a project on time. This is something that you can see, feel and touch everyday.

ANDREA, Strategic Planning Manager

Everyday when I come to work I have the pleasure to meet and work with people from all over the world. In one of the first meetings I have done in Whirlpool all people were from different countries! Everyone had a different approach and we mixed them together to create innovative solutions. I realized then that I couldn't have solved problems without an international perspective....well, that is the moment that matter to me!

ALESSIA, HR Specialist

After one year in a company most people start thinking about a career path to take on in the next maybe 4 years or so. But in this company things are different. During my year, I have been given the chance to grow both personally and professionally numerous times. I entered as an intern in a position that I knew very little about, but I was assigned to several projects that have helped me grow my competences and my personal skills; after 7 months I was given the possibility to take part to the Indesit Graduate Program that then led me to be part of an even bigger community made of people from Indesit and Whirlpool; and only a few days ago, I was presented with the opportunity of the Fast Track Management Program and I took it!! Let’s be honest: what Company believes in you and gives you these many chances of growth in such a short time? As an Indesit heritage with Whirlpool Corporation now I really feel like my path has just started and that the possibilities in front of me are innumerable. My willingness to work hard, learn, grow and take on challenges is rewarded day by day! Getting bored is not an option!

TOMMASO, Reaserch & Development Engineer

When I first joined the company, I did not know anyone and I had no knowledge of the surrounding area. Colleagues helped me blend in the environment making me feel as a valuable part of the team from the very first moment. They all contributed to make my training period one of the most rewarding experiences of my life through invaluable personal and business related pieces of advice. In our company we are all committed in creating an environment where everyone can feel as a part of a great group that eventually becomes like another family.

MARK, Key Account Director

Mark's interview is coming soon! Stay tuned!

LEONARDO, Global Electronics Leader

We successfully created a new user interface for an induction cooktop in only 11 months, starting with just a concept on my office whiteboard and ending in a fantastic product. We satisfied every target, particularly our core customer, and introduced several new technological innovations and features. The personal commitment of our people - from our senior managers, to every designer involved in all the different functionalities - was amazing. Our ability to face problems and work together as a team really made us feel like we were winning every day and in every stage of the preparation. I’m really proud to be part of this family.

JOY, Project Engineer

I have the opportunity to learn something new everyday and to use this knowledge to make a difference in my job. During my rotations in the Fast Track Management Program I have been exposed to many different aspects and stages of a product’s life: I have had the chance, for example, to interact with customers and understand what they value in our products; I’ve been able to be part of our day-to-day factory operations and understand what it takes to make great, quality products.
Now, focusing specifically on one product category, I have the opportunity to understand its individual features and technology, as well as the product development and manufacturing process.
The culture at Whirlpool allows and encourages me to develop both personally and professionally, which in return helps Whirlpool to win in the marketplace. Everyday I use the knowledge that I have gained to solve problems and provide better performance.

MICHELE, Marketing Specialist

Moments that matter at Whirlpool are when I feel part of a company leading the industry worldwide, with the spirit of winning, setting new standards for the competition.
How do we do achieve all this? We focus obsessively on solutions that truly satisfy consumers’ needs. In order to bring these solutions to the market, we work together in teams of different nationalities and backgrounds, we work with passion and we break down barriers across the organization. At Whirlpool we try our best to deliver exceptional results, devoting the utmost attention to ethics, at work and in the market.

CHIDO, Finance Manager

A big challenge for me was when due to job rotation I found myself in a new role. One of the first projects I had to deal with, involved the preparation of a bid to secure a significant portion of business. I worked under a lot of pressure with the team to prepare our proposal in a very short time frame, and I was completely out of my comfort zone. Not only I was working in a new team, working with new people, but I was also exploring a business area I was unfamiliar with. Well, we achieved unexpected results! The task was completed successfully and I must say it was possible only thanks to the great teamwork done. What I learnt from this experience "if you want to go fast, you go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”

ORCUN, Manufacturing Technical Leader

In order to start production of a new color washing machine in our factory in Slovakia, I had the task to lead a cross-functional team from diverse Whirlpool locations in EMEA. The project requested quick and robust implementation. Confronting with right spirit and shared purposes helped us to respect the timing and also satisfy business demand. While the journey had demonstrated each week new challenges to resolve. The first batch of production was successful, followed by continuous complimentary calls and photo sharing for the samples. We were celebrating our curiosity the same moment in different locations. This was the moment when I truly felt that everyone in team lived our success and joyed spirit to win

GIORGIO, Technology Leader

What's pushing cooling technology now, is the energy efficiency challenge. New standards will arrive soon, including A++++ energy class and innovative technologies, such as magnetecaloric, are not ready for large scale usage. i remember the day in which the design of new platform BM 60 was launched, here the words of the R&D director: "We have to achive the energy consumption of this refrigerator lower then the lamp inside, that is switched on 100% of the time (holding the lamp on his hand). Moreover, don't forget that due to the cost competitiveness, the final cost has not to be much different from the lamp (smiling). This implies that each engineer on the field of thermodynamics and fluidodynamics has the ambition to reach the best design available.